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Table 4 Improvement in predicting CHD events by adding haplotype GTCCGC to the basic model

From: Coronary risk in relation to genetic variation in MEOX2 and TCF15 in a Flemish population

Study group Integrated discrimination improvement Net reclassification improvement
%Δ (95 % CI) P %Δ (95 % CI) P
All (n = 2027) 0.81 (−0.02 to 1.65) 0.056 21.7 (2.5 to 40.8) 0.026
Free of CHD at entry (n = 1986) 1.15 (0.17 to 2.12) 0.021 24.9 (4.7 to 45.3) 0.016
  1. %Δ is the percentage change (95 % confidence interval). The basic model includes the baseline covariables sex, age, body mass index, systolic pressure, total-to-HDL cholesterol ratio, smoking and drinking, and antihypertensive drug treatment. The integrated discrimination improvement is the difference between the discrimination slopes of the basic model and the basic model extended with the GTCCGC haplotype. The discrimination slope is the difference in predicted probabilities between non-cases and cases. The net reclassification improvement is the sum of the percentages of participants correctly reclassified to non-cases and cases