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Table 2 Predicted gene list related to meat quality from Berkshire specific aligned contigs

From: Exploring evidence of positive selection reveals genetic basis of meat quality traits in Berkshire pigs through whole genome sequencing

Predicted Ensembl ID Gene symbol contig length Depth coveragea
ENSSSCG00000012660 SLC25A14 15,059 13.8
ENSSSCG00000000857 IGF1 8,107 17.7
ENSSSCG00000006310 POU2F1 19,766 11.9
ENSSSCG00000010092 PI4KA 29,825 17.0
ENSSSCG00000017433 KRT14 11,812 12.4
ENSSSCG00000013754 CACNA1A 45,820 11.0
ENSSSCG00000015953 DLX1 26,563 10.9
ENSSSCG00000017589 DLX3 26,563 10.9
  1. aAverage depth coverage of total mapped length in common between Berkshire samples