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Table 1 Number of SNPs in common between LDa panel and the HDb panel

From: Strategies for genotype imputation in composite beef cattle

LD Panel Label SNPs in original LD panel SNPs in common after QCc
Illumina® Bovine 3K 3K 2,900 2,341
Illumina® Bovine LD 6K 6,909 6,280
GGP Beef LD GGP9K 8,762 7,548
GGP Indicus LD GGP20Ki 19,721 14,305
Illumina® BovineSNP50 50K 54,609 38,802
GGP Indicus HD GGP75Ki 74,085 50,038
GGP Beef HD GGP80K 76,992 67,143
  1. aLD: low-density, bHD: high-density panel, cQC: quality Control