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Table 7 Composition of G 3 population for TRP-BC design 1

From: Targeted Recombinant Progeny: a design for ultra-high resolution mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci in crosses between inbred or pure lines

G 3 progeny G2R parent
  M1m2/m1m2 m1M2/m1m2
Class I M1m2/m1m2 m1M2/m1m2
1/4 h A 1/4 -d B
Class II m1m2/m1m2 m1m2/m1m2
1/4 -d NR 1/4 -d NR
  1. 1Each cell shows a G3 progeny group according to Class and the G2R parent, showing: Marker genotype of the progeny group (above); proportion of the progeny group in the total G3R population (below-left); genotypic value of the progeny group (below-center); Code designation (A, B) of the progeny group (below-right). Class I, Heterozygous recombinant progeny; Class II, Homozygous non-recombinant progeny; NR, non-recombinant progeny group not included in the G3R mapping population; d, allele substitution effect in standardized units; h, degree of dominance.