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Table 1 Observed frequency of NAT2 genotypes encoding fast (RA), intermediate (IA) and slow (SA) acetylation phenotypes among Moroccan population studied

From: Distribution of allelic and genotypic frequencies of NAT2 and CYP2E1variants in Moroccan population

Genotype Genotype frequency Phenotype
NAT2*4/*4 0.0613 RA
NAT2*4/*5 0.1166 IA
NAT2*4/*6 0.0859 IA
NAT2*4/*14 0.0123 IA
NAT2*5/*5 0.3313 SA
NAT2*5/*6 0.2209 SA
NAT2*5/*7 0.0184 SA
NAT2*5/*14 0.0368 SA
NAT2*6/*6 0.0797 SA
NAT2*6/*7 0.0184 SA
NAT2*6/*14 0.0123 SA
NAT2*14/*14 0.0061 SA