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Table 5 Chromosomal regions with pleiotropic effects on yield and P use efficiency traits

From: Identification of quantitative trait loci for phosphorus use efficiency traits in rice using a high density SNP map

Chromosome Interval Investigated trait a
Yield trait P use efficiency trait
1 BIN31-BIN47 BIOM(−) PUP(−), PTE
1 BIN59-BIN61 HI PHI, strPUE
1 BIN143-BIN161   PUEg, PTE
2 BIN244-BIN254 BIOM(−) PUEb(−)
2 BIN294-BIN303 HI(−), Yield(−) strPUE(−), PUEg(−), PT(−)
2 BIN310-BIN311   PHI(−), PTE(−)
5 BIN708-BIN710   PT(−), PTE(−)
7 BIN1007-BIN1009 BIOM PUP
8 BIN1130-BIN1132   PT(−), PTE(−)
10 BIN1342-BIN1349 BIOM PUP
11 BIN1392-BIN1402 HI, Yield PHI, PUEg
12 BIN1612-BIN1619   PUEg, PTE
  1. See Table 1 for abbreviations.
  2. a(−) Indicates that Zhenshan 97 allele increases phenotypic score.