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Table 7 Effect of genetic polymorphisms and smoking histories of participants on nicotine dependence in current smokers: Regression analysis of the effect of smoking history on the association between genetic polymorphisms and nicotine dependence

From: Genetic influence of dopamine receptor, dopamine transporter, and nicotine metabolism on smoking cessation and nicotine dependence in a Japanese population

Variable R 2 AIC P -value
SLC6A3 + CYP2A6 0.098, 0.087 75.327, 70.761 0.009, 0.018
SLC6A3 + CYP2A6 + A 0.133, 0.110 74.250*, 69.921 0.007, 0.014
SLC6A3 + CYP2A6 + D 0.127, 0.101 74.808, 70.615 0.009, 0.019
  1. Each analysis was performed for the whole cohort (the left side) and the male subgroup only (the right side). Forward-selection regression was conducted with the effect of the SLC6A3 and CYP2A6 genes. Variables were added one at a time to the model until no remaining variable produced a significant result. A: age at which participant began smoking, D; duration of smoking. R2, squared multiple correlation coefficient adjusted for degrees of freedom; AIC, Akaike’s information criterion. *The appropriate model was selected on the basis of minimising AIC.