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Table 1 A comparison between; genes shown to be expressed in leaf and/or root tissue of Chinese Spring (CS) (Bottley et al, 2006), the presence or absence of homoeologue silencing in the cultivar Florida (Bottley et al, 2008) and the expression of the same genes in callus tissue.

From: Homoeologous gene silencing in tissue cultured wheat callus

Genbank id Expressed Callus Homoeologue silenced in CS Tissue Homoeologues identifiable in CS Homoeologue silenced in Florida Putative function
BE399113 Y D/D LEAF/ROOT B D B Unknown
BE444894 Y D/B LEAF/ROOT A B D   saline responsive OSSRIII protein
BF482273 Y D/B LEAF/ROOT B D   Unknown
BF201235 N D LEAF A B D   Rubisco subunit binding-protein alpha subunit
BF473379 Y D LEAF B D D Unknown
BF478825 Y D LEAF A B D   Unknown
BF484100 N D LEAF A B D B Unknown
BM138439 Y D ROOT A B D   
BE443527 N B/B LEAF/ROOT A B D B Unknown
BE404371 Y B ROOT B D   NADH glutamate dehydrogenase
BE495400 N B ROOT A B D A Unknown
BE499478 Y B ROOT B + B FAT domain-containing protein/phosphatidylinositol 3- and 4-kinase family protein
BF202681 Y B ROOT A B   Unknown
BE426364 Y A/A LEAF/ROOT A D A glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
BE591763 Y A LEAF A B D   Unknown
BF202265 Y A LEAF A +   Unknown
BE500510 Y - - -   
BE591372 Y - - -   
BE638105 Y - - -   
BM136908 Y - - -   
  1. The symbol '-' denotes that the homoeologous gene set is not afflicted by silencing. EST sequences blasted against NCBI Nucleotide collection