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Table 1 Classical two-locus models. The table lists the values of the interaction coordinates for multiplicative two-locus models. The parameters are γ = (α2 - α0)(β2 - β0), η1 = (α0 + α2)(β2 - β0), and η2 = (α2 - α0)(β0 + β2).

From: A complete classification of epistatic two-locus models

One-loc δ a δ b I AA I AD I DA I DD
rec-rec -η1/4 -η2/4 γ -γ -γ γ
rec-add 0 -η2 γ 0 0 -γ
rec-dom -η1/4 -η2/4 γ γ -γ -γ
dom-dom -η1/4 -η2/4 γ γ γ γ
dom-add 0 η 2 γ γ 0 0
add-add 0 0 γ 0 0 0