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Table 1 Summary of goat breeds sampled

From: Microsatellite-based phylogeny of Indian domestic goats

Breed Native tract Utility DNA sample
Barbari Mathura, Agra (UP) Medium size, known for both milk and meat 37
Jamunapari Chakarnagar, Etawah (UP) Large size known for milk production 49
Black Bengal Kolkata (WB) Small size breed known for meat and skin quality 49
Pashmina Ladakh Best fibre producing breed 31
Jakhrana Jhakarana, Behror, alwar (Rajsthan) Large size known for milk production 50
Marwari Desh-Nokh, Bikaneri (Rajsthan) Large size breed known for meat, milk and coarse fibre 35
Sirohi Tonk, Udaipur (Rajsthan) Large size known for meat and milk 51