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Table 1 Conditional haplotype probabilities given phase produced by a triply heterozygous parent

From: Maximum likelihood estimates of two-locus recombination fractions under some natural inequality restrictions

i Haplotype I II III IV
1 ABC g00/2 g01/2 g11/2 g10/2
2 ABc g01/2 g00/2 g10/2 g11/2
3 AbC g11/2 g10/2 g00/2 g01/2
4 Abc g10/2 g11/2 g01/2 g00/2
5 aBC g10/2 g11/2 g01/2 g00/2
6 aBc g11/2 g10/2 g00/2 g01/2
7 abC g01/2 g00/2 g10/2 g11/2
8 abc g00/2 g01/2 g11/2 g10/2
Total   1 1 1 1
  1. g00, g01, g10 and g11 denote joint recombination fractions, where the subscript 1 represents recombination, and 0 represents nonrecombination.