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Table 2 Logistic regression analysis with adjustment for CHD confounding factors

From: Role of NOD2/CARD15 in coronary heart disease

Model Dominant Additive Recessive
Variant P OR (CI) P OR (CI) P OR (CI)
R702W 0.907 0.66 (0.0–104.2) 0.940 1.03 (0.5–2.0) 0.933 1.03 (0.5–2.2)
G908R NA NA 0.255 0.50 (0.2–1.7) 0.255 0.50 (0.2–1.7)
1007fs 0.984 NA 0.245 0.63 (0.3–1.4) 0.233 0.62 (0.3–1.4)
  1. Logistic regression was performed under a dominant, an additive, and a recessive genetic disease model. The P values (P) are nominal (without further correction for multiple testing) and were obtained from a Wald for significant deviations of the regression parameter from 0. The odds ratio (OR) is given, including the 95% confidence interval (CI). Adjustment was done for the following confounders: gender, BMI, smoking status, diabetes status and high blood pressure status. NA, not applicable.