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Table 2 Expression analysis of the transcripts of the bovine SLC38A4 gene in heterozygous individuals

From: Assessment of genomic imprinting of SLC38A4, NNAT, NAP1L5, and H19 in cattle

Individual Tissue Alleles expressed at position 9188a
Fetus 2 Kidney, spleen, cartilage, pancreas T/G
Fetus 4 Kidney, heart, brain, lung T/G
Fetus 10 Pancreas, eye, testis, lung T/G
Dam 1 Endometrium, ovary, oocytes T/G
Dam 7 Liver, spleen, caruncle T/G
Dam 15 Lung, muscle, caruncle T/G
  1. aSNP position based on the numbering in GenBank accession number NW_391237