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Table 3 Haplotypes and frequencies of GHRH among Korean native cattle.

From: Growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) polymorphisms associated with carcass traits of meat in Korean cattle

Haplotype -4241A>T -3195T>A -618T>A +114C>A +2042A>G +2279C>T Frequency
ht1 A T T A A C 0.189
ht2 A A T C A C 0.183
ht3 T A T C G C 0.162
ht4 A T A C A C 0.122
ht5 A T T A A T 0.114
ht6 T T A C A T 0.060
ht7 A T A C A T 0.059
ht8 T A T C A T 0.047
ht9 A T A C G C 0.019
Others* . . . . . . 0.048
  1. *Others contain rare haplotypes: AATCAT, AAACAC, TTTAAT, TTACGC, ATTCAT and TTACAC.