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Table 1 BRCA2 and MRE11 mutations in MIN cell lines

From: Does tumorigenesis select for or against mutations of the DNA repair-associated genes BRCA2 and MRE11?: Considerations from somatic mutations in microsatellite unstable (MSI) gastrointestinal cancers

Tumor Cell Line/Xenograft* Truncating BRCA2 Mutations Other BRCA2 Variants MRE11A Mutations**
MIP101 (colorectal) 5355delA, 3599delGT R2784G T9/T10/T11
LS174T (colorectal) 9110delA   T9/T10
RKO (colorectal) 5355delA   T8/T9/T10
HCT116 (colorectal) 9110delA   T9/T10
KM12 (colorectal) 5355delA K1565N  
PL3 (pancreatic) 5073delA   T9/T10
PL5 (pancreatic) None detected   T9/T10
PX196 (pancreatic) 1813delA S326R  
Vaco481 (colorectal) None detected I2944F, K1777del3  
  1. *Six additional MSI cell lines had no truncating mutation or other variant of the BRCA2 sequence.
  2. **Nucleotide deletions of the [T]11 tract. The mutations in LS174T, MIP101, and HCT116 were reported previously [18, 22, 23]