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Table 2 Location of disease-related loci

From: Construction of the model for the Genetic Analysis Workshop 14 simulated data: genotype-phenotype relationships, gene interaction, linkage, association, disequilibrium, and ascertainment effects for a complex phenotype

Disease locus name Located between (or at) markers (locus)a
D1 C01R0052 and B01T0561
D2 B03T3067 and C04R0282b
D3 B05T4136 and C05R0380
D4 C09R0765 and B09T8337
D5 C10R0880c
D6 C02R0097c
  1. aD1-D4 do not appear in the map.
  2. bB03T3067 is the last visible SNP on chromosome. The disease locus is the last SNP. So C04R0282 should not be linked to B03T3067 or the disease.
  3. cDisease locus is marker.