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Table 2 The identified SNPs

From: A genome-wide tree- and forest-based association analysis of comorbidity of alcoholism and smoking

SNP label Traita Chromosome
rs930548 A 1
rs628667 A 1
rs1338221 A 1
rs1840947 A 2
rs1516003 C 2
rs986909 A 3
rs1599386 A,C 3
rs319682 A 3
rs728937 A 5
rs1325182 A 6
rs234 A 7
rs940864 C 7
rs1054879 C 9
rs886017 C 9
rs913258 C 9
rs780838 A 10
rs1336439 A 10
rs869451 C 11
rs1149014 A 12
rs1165678 A 12
rs476646 C 12
rs296736 C 12
rs14067 A,C 13
rs759364 A,C 14
rs1972603 A 18
rs1380148 A 22
rs1037193 A X
rs1349846 A X
rs1402076 A X
rs1656651 A,C X
rs1921708 A,C X
rs1934176 A X
rs966446 A,C X
rs1536163 C X
rs2015312 C X
rs204141 C X
rs204165 C X
  1. aA, the ones significant for ALDX1 only; C, for comorbidity ALDX1 and smoking