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Table 2 Stability of methylation and expression of TIMP1 in subclones of four 5-azacytidine induced HPRT reactivants

From: Epigenetic predisposition to expression of TIMP1 from the human inactive X chromosome

Subclones t11-az-4 (-/M) t11-az-8 (+/M)a t11-az-9 (+/M)a t11-az-10 (+/M)
TIMP-, methylated (-/M) 10 10 15 3
TIMP+, Methylated (+/M) 0 2a 2a 13
TIMP+, Unmethylated (+/U) 0 0 0 1
  1. aExpression in these branches was initially weak and became silent after time in culture. ELK1 expression was initially retained in one of the t11-az-9 TIMP1+ clones but was not analyzed after TIMP1 expression was lost. The expression of ZNF41/157 was not examined in these subclones.