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Table 1 Populations of A. acutifolius.

From: ISSR markers show differentiation among Italian populations of Asparagus acutifolius L

Site Abbr Characteristics N
   Hab Alt Exp Ped Assn  
Caserta Vecchia (Caserta) CAS Clay hill 400 m South, sunny Acidic ground Rubus 15
Colli al Volturno (Isernia) ISE Limestone hill 380 m Semi-shadow Alkaline ground Quercus, Genista 16
Lotrine (Livorno) LIV Hedges 100 m South-west, sunny Alkaline ground Quercus, Rubus 14
Recco (Genova) REC Torrent levee 5–10 m West, shadow Not recorded Rubus 6
Sassari (Sardinia) SAS Coast 10–15 m North, shadow Neutral ground Pinus 18
Spoleto (Perugia) SPO Cultivated fields 600 m South- west, sunny Alkaline ground Quercus, Rubus, Genista 14
Vignacastrisi (Lecce) LEC Dry walls 50–100 m North-west, shadow Neutral ground Quercus, Rubus 11
Vizzini (Catania, Sicily) CAT Ground cover 500 m North, shadow Neutral ground Quercus, Rubus 15
  1. Abbr, abbreviation; N, number of individuals; Hab, habitat; Alt, altitude; Exp, exposure; Ped, pedology; Assn, ecological association.