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Table 3 Medline citations to genes showing altered expression in TH mice.

From: Searching QTL by gene expression: analysis of diabesity

Gene name Diabesity-relevant articles General function
Genes chosen known to be involved in diabetes with expression change
Alb1 5548 Lipid binding and carrier activity
Leptin 3170 Hormone activity
Lpl 775 Lipid catabolism or fatty acid metabolism
Pparg 702 Lipid metabolism and steroid hormone receptor activity
Glut2 142 Glucose transport and carbohydrate metabolism
Agpat2 5 Phospholipid biosynthesis
ExQuest chosen genes with expression change, known or unknown to be involved in diabetes
Col18a1 1 7 Potent antiangiogenic protein, structural molecule
Vldlr 2 7 Lipid transport
Scp2 4 Sterol carrier activity, lipid binding, and steroid biosynthesis
Fmo1 3 Electron transport and oxidoreductase activity
Pnliprp2 1 Lipid catabolism
KitL 0 Signal transduction
Igfbp2 0 Insulin-like growth factor binding
Ela2 0 Proteolysis and peptidolysis
Ela3b 0 Proteolysis and peptidolysis, and cholesterol metabolism
Gsta3 0 Biosynthesis of steroid hormones
Agpat3 0 Phospholipid metabolism
Hsd17b9 0 Steriod biosynthesis and oxidoreductase activity
Decr2 0 Peroxisome organization and biogenesis, and oxidoreductase activity
Tff3 0 Epithelium healing
Pi4k2a 0 Inositol/phosphatidlinositol kinase activity
Functional summary of genes with expression changes 3
Lipid related gene activity 8  
Hormone related gene activity 6  
Inflammation or response to injury 4  
Oxidoreductase activity 3  
Signal transduction 3  
Proteolysis and peptidolysis 2  
Carbohydrate related gene activity 1  
  1. 1Hsd17b9 medline search: there are 88 articles for the homolog "11-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase", and 157 with "hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase".
  2. 2 Vldlr MEDLINE search: 4818 diabesity relevant articles found for Vldl.
  3. 3 Genes with dual functions are counted twice.