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Table 3 Marker location and type of polymorphism

From: Genetic linkage analysis supports the presence of two susceptibility loci for alcoholism and heavy drinking on chromosome 1p22.1-11.2 and 1q21.3-24.2

Markers Mb Type
D1S1591 39 TETNUC
D1S2134 48 TETNUC
D1S1665 73 TETNUC
D1S532 77 TETNUC
D1S1728 81 TETNUC
D1S551 82 TETNUC
D1S1588 92 TRINUC
D1S1631 105 TRINUC
D1S3723 107 TETNUC
D1S1675 114 TETNUC
D1S1595 153 TETNUC
D1S1653 155 TETNUC
D1S1679 159 TETNUC
D1S1677 161 TETNUC