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Table 4 Primer sequences used for primer walking spanning the entire region from Cftr exon 9 to Cftr intron 10. Location based on the Genome Database Cftr sequence (AF 162137)

From: Instability of the insertional mutation in CftrTgH(neoim)Hgucystic fibrosis mouse model

Primer name Location Sequence 5'-3' Product Size
NCEx9I9-A 197720- 197742 TTT GGG GAA TTA CTG GAG AAA G 419 bp
NCEx9I9-B 198138- 198117 AGC TCG CTG ATA GGT TAT CCA  
NC10-A 198002-198023 CCC CTC CTC ACT TCC ATT AAA 400 bp
NC10-B 198402-198381 TTT AAG GCT CAG GGC TAA TTG  
NC11-A 198376- 198396 TTC CAC AAT TAG CCC TGA GC 649 bp
NC11-B 199024- 199001 TGA AGG AAA TCA TTA CTG AAG CA  
NC12-A 199001- 199024 TGC TTC AGT AAT GAT TTC CTT CA 550 bp
NC12-B 199551- 199531 TAT GGA TCC CCA CAG CAA GT  
NC13-A 199394- 199414 CTC AGG GAT TGT CAC GGT TT 563 bp
NC13-B 199966- 199946 GCT TTG ATC TCT GGG AGC AC  
NC14-A 199741- 199763 GAT CAC AGG AGC CTA GCA TAG A 550 bp
NC14-B 200290- 200268 TTC ACT TTA CAT CCT GGC TTC A  
NC15-A 200122- 200142 ACT GGG AGA GGA TGC AAA AA 575 bp
NC15-B 200696- 200676 CCC AGT GTG AGA AGA TGC AC  
NC16-A 200572- 200592 TGC TCC CAG AAA TCT TCA CC 582 bp
NC16-B 201153- 201133 AGT TGT CAG AAG GGA ACC CA  
NC17-A 201134- 201154 TGG GTT CCC TTC TGA CAA CT 582 bp
NC17-B 201715- 201695 TTA GGT CCC CGT GCT TAC AC  
NC19-A 201739- 201759 TAG GTG GAT CCA TAA CCC CA 480 bp
NC19-B 202219- 202199 GGA CAG AGA AGC AGG AGT GG  
NC20-A 202199- 202219 CCA CTC CTG CTT CTC TGT CC 487 bp
NC20-B 202686- 202666 AAA GAA GAG CGA GCC CCT AC  
NCI9Ex10-A 202593- 202612 CCA TAG CCC AAG AGC TTT CA 413 bp
NCI9Ex10-B 203007-202987 GTA CCC GGC ATA ATC CAA GA  
NCEx10I10-A 202986-203006 TTC TTG GAT TAT GCC GGG TA 403 bp
NCEx10I10-B 203387-203367 TTT CCA GTT GGG GGT ACA CT  
NC21-A 203296- 203316 GGG CTT CAA GGC CTA ATT CT 479 bp
NC21-B 203775- 203755 ATG TGA TCC AGA CTG GCC TA  
NC22-A 203654- 203674 ATG CAT GGG GTG TGG TAC TT 625 bp
NC22-B 204277- 204255 TCC AAT GAT CTA CCT GTG TCC A