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Table 1 Ts mutant frequency among: Ade+ revertants, Ade- survivors and colonies from the log phase. The frequency of ts mutants in three independent experiments was estimated using a random sample of de3-01-CG Ade+ revertants, Ade- survivors isolated on day 14 and Ade+ revertants obtained from exponentially growing cells. A hundred Ade+ revertants of the strain CG379-3-29(LR) starved for adenine were used as controls. The percentage of ts mutants with respect to the number of tested colonies is reported in parentheses.

From: The exceptionally high rate of spontaneous mutations in the polymerase delta proofreading exonuclease-deficient Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain starved for adenine

Revertants/Survivors No. of tested colonies No. of ts mutants
Starvation condition day 14
de3-01-CG Ade+ 489 249 (51%)
de3-01-CG Ade- 151 59 (39%)
CG379-3-29(LR) Ade+ 100 0
Log phase cells
de3-01-CG Ade+ 1070 7a
  1. a The percentage has not been calculated since the ts mutants are likely to be a single clone.