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Table 1 Regions with suggestive or significant evidence of linkage to SBP

From: Genome-wide linkage scan for genes affecting longitudinal trends in systolic blood pressure

Trait WeightsA Chromosome: Region Marker Name(s) MaximumB -log10 (p-value)
SBP mean (b1) t, c 5: 24–36 cM GATA3E10 5.09 at 32 cM
SBP mean (b1) t, m, c 12: 68–82 cM GGAT2G06 6.54 at 78 cM
SBP mean (b1) t, m, c 15: 111–134 cM GATA22F01, GATA27A03 6.68 at 129 cM
SBP mean (b1) c 16: 133–139 cM   4.34 at 137 cM
SBP mean (b1) t, c 17: 107–119 cM GATA28D11 5.32 at 109 cM
SBP slope (b2) m 20: 70–78 cM GATA47F05 4.38 at 72 cM
SBP curvature (b3) u, t, m, c 20: 70–82 cM GATA47F05 5.55 at 74 cM
SBP mean (b1) m, c 22: 35–48 cM GATA6F05, GATA11B12 4.85 at 38 cM
  1. Au, unweighted model; t, trait weights; m, marker weights; c, combined weights. BReported maximum -log p-values refer to the corresponding weighting scheme indicated in bold.