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Table 1 Definition of phenotypes used in reported analyses

From: Approaches to mapping genetically correlated complex traits

Phenotype Notation Definition or Computation Trait (T) and/or Covariate (C)
HDL Fasting HDL cholesterol (mg/dl) T
TG Fasting triglycerides (mg/dl) T
lnTG Loge(TG) T/C
BMI 707 × Weight/(height2) C
Smk Number of cigarettes smoked/day C
Drk Number of grams of alcohol/day C
Gl Fasting glucose (mg/dl) C
CV1 Covariate set 1: age, sex, cohort C
CV2 Covariate set 2: Drk, BMI C
HDLA & lnTGA HDL and lnTG adjusted for CV1 T
HDLAA HDLA adjusted for CV2 and lnTG T