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Table 1 Top rank markers based on their marginal posterior probability.

From: Locating disease genes using Bayesian variable selection with the Haseman-Elston method

Posterior Ranking Markers
1 M160 (chr7) A
2 M254
3 M315(chr15)
4 M173(chr7)
tied at 5 M336, M325, M387(chr21)
tied at 8 M260, M257, M201, M169(chr7)
tied at 12 M385, M351, M306(chr15)
tied at 15 400(gender), M367, M281, M279, M182
tied at 19 M175(chr7), M120
tied at 22 M391(chr21), M178(chr7)
tied at 24 M309(chr15), M179(chr7)
tied at 26 M311(chr15)
tied at 27 M164(chr7)
  1. ADisease loci are located all on chromosomes 7, 15, and 21. Markers on these three chromosomes are shown in bold face. p = 0.02 is used in SSVS.