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Table 3 Assessment of hypertension risk factors

From: Multivariate sib-pair linkage analysis of longitudinal phenotypes by three step-wise analysis approaches

  Feature P Factor P Factor P
Continuous HBP      HRX <0.0001
      CHOL 0.0335
      GLUC 0.0316
      HGT 0.0155
Binary HBP HRX <0.0001 HRX <0.0001 HRX <0.0001
  CHOL 0.0001 CHOL 0.0073   
  GLUC 0.0070 GLUC 0.0203 GLUC 0.0011
      HGT 0.0092
Continuous SBP      HRX <0.0001
      WGT 0.0003
Binary SBP HRX <0.0001 HRX <0.0001 HRX <0.0001
  CHOL <0.0001 CHOL <0.0001   
      WGT 0.0297
  1. AThe nine hypertension risk factors evaluated are the longitudinal means of total cholesterol (CHOL), cigarettes per day (CPD), alcohol, grams/day (DRINK), fasting glucose (GLUC), high density lipoprotein (HDL), height (HGT), hypertensive treatment (HRX), triglycerides (TRIG), and weight (WGT).