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Table 2 SummaryA of linkage analysis of longitudinal SBP and HBP using three statistical methods.

From: Multivariate sib-pair linkage analysis of longitudinal phenotypes by three step-wise analysis approaches

Trait Method
  Marker P Marker P Marker P
Continuous HBP      GATA115E01 0.0463
Binary HBP      GATA115E01 0.0255
  GATA64A09 0.0118 NULL - GATA64A09 0.0289
Continuous SBP      GATA64A09 0.0167
      GGAA5D10 0.0235
Binary SBP GATA64A09 0.0086 GATA64A09 0.0149 GATA64A09 0.0101
  1. ALinkage was analyzed in the presence of the nine hypertension risk factors (the longitudinal means of total cholesterol, cigarettes per day, alcohol (grams/day), fasting glucose, high density lipoprotein, height, hypertensive treatment, triglycerides and weight).