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Table 1 Intron/Exon junctions of ATOX1. The nucleotide sequences of intron/exon junctions are shown by uppercase letters for exons and by lowercase letters for introns. The GT-AG conserved splice junction sequences are seen in all three introns.

From: Genomic organization of ATOX1, a human copper chaperone

Exon Splice acceptor Exon sequence Splice donor
1   AGGCGCTGCT---(> 59bp)---AGTCATGCCG gt gagtggttgcgccgtccc---
2 ---tccccctgtgtttgtttcag AAGCACGAGT--- (76bp)---AAGCTTGGAG gt gagtgagtggccctgagt---
3 ---cccatttcctcttcctgcag GAGTTAAGTA---(171bp)---AAGGGGGCAG gt gggtaaggccccagcact---
4 ---taactttccatctttcctag GATGCTGATC----(136bp)---CTTTTGTTGG