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Table 6 Sequence of the leuB - mutant and leuB + revertants

From: Occurrence of leu+ revertants under starvation cultures in Escherichia coli is growth-dependent

Signal base substitution Sequence predicted at 856–858 Amino acid residue 286 Description
TTG Leucine LeuB- mutant
TCG Serine Wild type
GTG Valine Phenotypic wild type
ATG Methionine Phenotypic wild type
TTG Leucine Suppressor mutant
Amino acid residues in revertants   Description
Amino acid 286 Strain Type (Number)  
Ser X(4), Y(2), Z(1) X: Isolated from solid Leucine Starvation plates
Ser X(2), Y(3), Z(2) Y: Isolated from liquid Leucine Starvation cultures
Met X(2), Y(4), Z(1) Z: Isolated from non-Starvation plates and cultures
Leu X(3), Y(2), Z(1)