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Table 2 Novel DArT markers and their chromosomal locations

From: A novel genetic map of wheat: utility for mapping QTL for yield under different nitrogen treatments

Marker Chr. Position Physical bin Marker Chr. position Physical bin
wPt-6985 1BS 23.3 1BS10–0.50 wPt-729808 3DS 101.0 3DS6-0.55–1.0
wPt-664989 1DS 0.0 1DS3-0.48–1.0 wPt-7064 4AL 201.2 4AL13-0.59–1.0
wPt-671415 1DS 0.0 1DS3-0.48–1.0 wPt-730913 4AL 253.5 4AL4-0.80–1.0
wPt-665204 1DS 0.1 1DS3-0.48–1.0 wPt-664937 6AL 255.6 6AL8-0.90–1.0
wPt-666162 2DS 35.5 2DS1-0.33–1.0 wPt-664719 6DS 12.4 6DS6-0.99–1.0
wPt-664393 3BS 211.6 3BS9-0.57–0.78 wPt-665166 6DS 81.3
wPt-671808 3DS 82.0 3DS6-0.55–1.0 wPt-666614 7DS 88.7 7DS4-0.61–1.0
wPt-667328 3DS 82.0 3DS6-0.55–1.0 wPt-666095 7DL 236.3
wPt-669255 3DS 96.9 3DS6-0.55–1.0     
  1. ‘–‘: No available data.