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Table 1 Markers that were assigned to different chromosomes in previous studies

From: A novel genetic map of wheat: utility for mapping QTL for yield under different nitrogen treatments

Marker Previous Present Marker Previous Present Marker Previous Present
BE425125 7B 1AS Xksum174.5 2D/4B 2AL wPt-0357 6B 6AL
Xwmc402.1 7B 1AS Xmag633 2D 2AL Xcnl138 6B 6AL
Xksum174.2 2D/4B 1AL Xbarc1138.1 2A/2D 2BS Xedm149.1 5BL/6BL 6AL
Xcinau172 2D/3B/4D/1R 1BS Xbarc1138.2 2A/2D 2BS wPt-5480 6B 6AL
Xwmc402.2 7B 1BS Xksum053 4B 2BS Xgwm282 7A 6BL
wPt-9613 5B/7B 1BL Xcfe274 4B 2BL Xksum134 4A 6DS
wPt-7241 3D/7B/6R 1BL PPO33 2AL 2BL Xbarc24 6BL 6DS
wPt-4134 2B/3D/7B 1BL Xmag1166 3B 3AS Xcfe63 7B 7AL
Xcfa2219 1A 1BL Xcfe302 3B 3AS Xgwm325 5B/6B/6D 7AL
Xwmc145 6A 1DS Xksum130 4A 3BS Xcfe127 3B 7BL
Xmag1353 4A 1DS Xcnl62.2 3B 3DS Xmag2931.2 4A/7A 7DS
Xcfe67 2D 2AS wPt-666738 3B 3DS Xcwem52 7BL 7DL
Xksum052 7B 2AL wPt-4230 6B/7B 4AL Xcfd5 5B/5D/6D 7DL
Xbarc89 5BL 2AL Xmag1241 2D 5AS Xwmc264 3A/5D 7DL
Xksum174.3 2D/4B 2AL Xwmc754 3B 6AL    
  1. Relevant information on e-SSR markers with a CFE, CWEM, KSUM, or CNL is publicly available ( Relevant positional information on g-SSR markers, including those with a BARC, CFA, CFD, CFT, GWM, GDM, GPW, or WMC code, and on PCR-based STS markers with a MAG code, was obtained from the GrainGenes Web site ( Relevant information on DArT markers is publicly available ( Information on the Xcinau172 and PPO33 loci was obtained from Zhuang et al. [27] and Liu et al. [31], respectively.