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Table 3 Expression patterns of GAL4 drivers in adults

From: A gain-of-function screen to identify genes that reduce lifespan in the adult of Drosophila melanogaster

GAL4 driver Expression pattern in adult tissues
P{GawB}l(3)31-1 31–1 Brain, basiconical sensilla, thoracico-abdominal ganglion, salivary glands
48Y-GAL4 Brain, anterior-midgut, paragonia, salivary glands
24B-GAL4 Somatic musculature, visceral musculature, salivary glands
NP5021 Whole gut
byn-GAL4 Hindgut
drm-GAL4 Small intestine
Cg-GAL4 Hemocytes
P{GawB}5108 Salivary glands