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Table 1 The numbers of parents used to found each strain and generation

From: Pacific and Atlantic Lepeophtheirus salmonis (Krøyer, 1838) are allopatric subspecies: Lepeophtheirus salmonis salmonis and L. salmonis oncorhynchi subspecies novo

Generation Founding parents
LsAtl F1 16 LsGulen and 11 LsOslofjord females
LsAtl F2 21 LsAtl F1 females
LsPac F1 9 LsPac F0 females (imported)
LsAtlPac F1* 3 LsAtl F2 females, 2 LsPac F1 males
LsAtlPac F2 19 LsAtlPac F1 females
LsPacAtl F1* 4 LsPac F1 females, 3 LsAtl F2 males
LsPacAtl F2 18 LsPacAtl F1 females
  1. Male founders are only shown for LsAtlPac F1 and LsPacAtl F1 (marked with *) as these were the only crosses performed in single fish tanks with total control of paternal and maternal contribution.