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Table 6 Results of functional annotation on KEGG pathway including genes 0.5 Mb flanking size to SNPs with p < 5.0 × 10 -5

From: Genome-wide association and systems genetic analyses of residual feed intake, daily feed consumption, backfat and weight gain in pigs

Term Pathway name Number of involved genes Involved genes David p-value
ssc05213 Endometrial cancer 5 TCF7L2,ERK2, PTEN, PIK3R5. TP53 0.001
ssc04540 Gap junction 6 TUBA4A, ERK2, ADRB1, PRKG1, TUBA3D, TUBA1A 0.002
ssc04070 Phosphatidylinositol signaling system 4 PTEN, PIK3R5, PLCD4, PI4KA 0.013
ssc00562 Inositol phosphate metabolism 4 PTEN, PIK3R5, PLCD4, PI4KA 0.015
ssc05214 Glioma 4 ERK2, PTEN, PIK3R5, TP53 0.026
ssc05215 Prostate cancer 5 ERK2, PTEN, PIK3R5, TP53, TCF7L2 0.027
ssc04910 Insulin signaling pathway 5 ERK2, SLC2A4, PIK3R5, PRKAR1A, PRKAG3 0.031
ssc05218 Melanoma 4 ERK2, PTEN, PIK3R5. TP53 0.033