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Table 1 Statistics of the performance

From: Evaluation of a target region capture sequencing platform using monogenic diabetes as a study-model

Target region capture statistics Value
Target region (bp): 4962226
Raw data yield (Mb) 4409.95
Data mapped to target region (Mb): 2046.69
Reads mapped to genome: 48535673.13
Reads unique mapped to genome: 46489667.46
Reads mapped to target region: 25879158.93
Mean depth of target region: 412.45
Coverage of target region > =1X (%): 99.37
Coverage of target region > =20X (%): 96.95
Average read length (bp): 89.11
Capture specificity (%): 53.72
Mean depth of flanking region: 240.00
Coverage of 200 bp flanking region (%): 94.45
  1. The target region capture performance is presented in average value of all 76 the sequenced samples.