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Table 3 Means for eggshell-quality traits among genotypes and the contribution to phenotypic variance (CPV) of the diplotypes

From: The sodium channel gene family is specifically expressed in hen uterus and associated with eggshell quality traits

Trait1 Gene Diplotypes(number) Mean(SD)2 P-value CPV3(%)
EW SCNN1b H2H6(15) 56.48(3.06)a 0.0200 NA
   H8H8(21) 53.88(2.88)b   
  SCNN1d H2H5(8) 58.96(3.39)a 0.0024 0.62
   H4H4(174) 55.36(3.86)b   
ESW SCNN1b H7H4(6) 7.84(0.39)a 0.0148 NA
   H6H6(5) 6.85(0.48)b   
  SCNN1g H5H7(14) 7.84(1.03)a <0.0001 2.04
   H11H1(5) 6.19(1.15)b   
ESP SCNN1a H1H2(8) 14.53 (1.64)a 0.0025 NA
   H2H4(30) 13.68(1.11)b   
  SCNN1b H3H4(6) 13.67(0.89)a 0.0006 0.09
   H1H6(8) 13.54(0.87)b   
  SCNN1d H4H4(174) 14.17(1.34)a <0.0001 5.74
   H1H5(6) 12.76 (0.93)b   
  SCNN1g H2H2(49) 13.71 (0.94)a <0.0001 NA
   H11H1(5) 13.36(0.34)b   
ESS SCNN1b H3H4(6) 3.18(0.65)a 0.0021 1.64
   H6H6(5) 2.60(0.30)b   
  SCNN1d H3H5(99) 3.11(0.05)a 0.0278 NA
   H5H5(23) 2.85(0.11)b   
  SCNN1g H1H9(9) 3.64(0.73)a <0.0001 5.43
   H2H6(12) 2.61(0.50)b   
EST SCNN1a H1H2(8) 0.33 (0.02)a 0.0085 NA
   H4H4(165) 0.32 (0.02)b   
  SCNN1b H3H4(6) 0.32(0.03)a 0.0002 0.78
   H5H1(12) 0.30(0.03)b   
  SCNN1d H1H5 (6) 0.30 (0.03)a 0.0069 NA
   H4H4(174) 0.32(0.02)b   
  SCNN1g H1H9(9) 0.33(0.02)a 0.0021 0.82
   H5H5(13) 0.31 (0.02)b   
  1. 1EW = Egg Weight; ESW = Eggshell Weight; ESP = Eggshell Percentage after correction; ESS = Eggshell Strength; EST = Eggshell Thickness after correction; % indicates these traits relative to Egg Weight.
  2. 2Different superscript (a, b) means significantly different between different diplotypes of the same gene for certain trait.
  3. 3CPV = SNP contribution to phenotypic variance (%).