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Table 2 Means for eggshell-quality traits among genotypes and the SNP contribution to phenotypic variance (CPV) of the single-nucleotide polymorphism

From: The sodium channel gene family is specifically expressed in hen uterus and associated with eggshell quality traits

Gene SNP Trait1 Genotype(number)/Mean(SD)2 CPV3(%)
SCNN1b rs13532836   CC(214) TC(69) TT(53)  
   ESP 13.95(1.30)ab 13.81(1.35)b 14.05(1.18)a NA
   EW 55.58(3.88)ab 56.53(4.03)b 55.19(3.69)a 1.04
SCNN1b rs13532838   CC(81) TC(164) TT(90)  
   ESP 13.84(1.45)b 14.08(1.30)a 13.89(1.04)ab 0. 28
   ESS 2.96(0.60)b 3.07(0.59)ab 3.16(0.68)a 1.14
   EST 0.31(0.02)b 0.32(0.02)ab 0.32(0.02)a 0.25
SCNN1b rs14075350 EST CC(151) CT(158) TT(28) 0.60
    0.32(0.02)a 0.31(0.02)b 0.32(0.02)ab  
SCNN1g rs15009191   CC(232) CT(91) TT(13)  
   ESP 13.93(1.20)ab 14.09(1.47)a 13.65(1.16)b NA
   EST 0.32(0.02)a 0.31(0.02)b 0.31(0.02)b 3.24
SCNN1d rs15181931   CC(179) CA(126) AA(31)  
   ESP 14.16(1.34)a 13.81(1.22)b 13.52(1.00)c 3.96
   EW 55.36(3.91)a 55.78(3.74)ab 56.80(3.42)b 0.83
SCNN1d rs14282978   CC(1) CT(33) TT(302)  
   ESP 13.99(0.00)ab 13.44(1.08)b 14.02(1.28)a 6.99
SCNN1d rs15181934   CC(135) TC(19) TT(183)  
   ESP 13.83 (1.16)b 14.16(1.34)c 13.33(1.15)a 6.35
  1. 1EW = Egg Weight; ESP = Eggshell Percentage; ESS = Eggshell Strength.
  2. EST = Eggshell Thickness after correction; % indicates these traits relative to Egg Weight.
  3. 2Different superscript (a, b, c) in the same row means phenotypes are significantly different between different genotypes (P < 0.05).
  4. 3CPV = SNP contribution to phenotypic variance (%).