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Table 1 List of SNPs and contig information for the eight SNP loci that were included in the final analysis in P. damicornis (type β)

From: Genotype – environment correlations in corals from the Great Barrier Reef

Gene SNP name Codon pos Putative role in stress response Reciprocal contig from Taylor-Knowles et al.[[62]]
Beta-hexosaminidase * 171_CT_243 3 Immunity response bu_91849_c19034
Elongation factor 1-alpha (1841) * 1841_GA_723 3 Stress induced apoptosis bu_91849_c14445
Elongation factor 1-alpha (2631) * 2631_GA_1228 1 Stress induced apoptosis bu_91849_lrc55786
Putative un-characterised protein 1.1* 24_CT_847 Un-known   bu_91849_c40532
Putative un-characterised protein1.2 24_CA_2390 Un-known   bu_91849_c40532
Putative un-characterized protein – mitochondrial 269_GA_818 Un-known   bu_91849_c2047
Carbonic anhydrase 1361-TC_426 3 A catalyst for the conversion of carbon dioxide and water into bicarbonate and protons bu_91849_c8064
40S ribosomal protein S3 * 5662_AG_462 3   bu_91849_lrc55459
  1. SNP name constructed in the following manner: (Contig number_SNP nucleotides_position of SNP in trimmed contig). Genes marked with * were amplified also for type α. Reciprocal BLASTs were made to match the contigs containing the SNPs with that of the Taylor-Knowles et al. [62] assembly.