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Table 1 The typical sites in two-way cleavage scenarios

From: High-throughput sequencing of methylated cytosine enriched by modification-dependent restriction endonuclease MspJI

Typical sites Fragments' length(bp) Sites’ number in Arabidopsisgenome CNNR type
YNCGNR 32 628107 Total 4194480 Symmetrical CGNR
YCHGR 31 840155 Symmetrical CHGR
CHHG 30 2726218 Symmetrical CHHG
CYHAG 29 452582 Total 1169473 Symmetrical CHHRG
CHYAHG 28 385221 Symmetrical CHHRNG
TDDGCHHA 34 168028 symmetrical YNNGCNNR
TDDGNCHHA 35 163642 Symmetrical YNNGNCNNR
Total cytosines in the sites above Total cytosines in Arabidopsis genome Generation rate
10727906 42859589 25.03%
  1. The two-way cleavage is caused by the MspJI recognition on the symmetrically methylated sites which are mostly enriched in plant genome. We calculated the typical symmetrical CNNR sites in case of MspJI digestion, and found that these sites contain 10.72 M cytosines which account for 25.03% of the total cytosines in Arabidopsis genome. (R = A or G; Y = C or T; H = A or C or T; D = A or G or T).