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Table 1 SNPs with genome-wide significant associations with NCP 4 on BTA12

From: Variants in the 3' UTR of General Transcription Factor IIF, polypeptide 2 affect female calving efficiency in Japanese Black cattle

BTA SNP-id Position (bp)_UMD3.1 Allele in upper extreme Minor allele frequency in upper extreme Minor allele frequency in lower extreme Allele in lower extreme Odds ratio P-value
12 ARS-BFGL-NGS-94479 15405850 A 0.3599 0.2523 G 1.667 8.401E-06
12 Hapmap39990-BTA-31570 15441597 A 0.3697 0.2628 C 1.645 9.787E-06
12 Hapmap36290-SCAFFOLD191599_16698 15462779 A 0.3697 0.2628 G 1.645 9.787E-06
  1. SNPs positions are based on the UMD3.1 assembly of the bovine genome.
  2. The upper extremes and lower extremes correspond to NCP4 values above the 93.3rd percentile and below the 6.68th percentile, respectively.