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Table 3 Genotype compatibility for the suspected hybrid whale and her fetus with the allelic profiles for the four potential minke whale species and sub-species

From: Hybrids between common and Antarctic minke whales are fertile and can back-cross

Marker Mother Fetus
  Genotype B.a.a B.a.s B.b Dwarf Genotype B.a.a B.a.s B.b Dwarf
DIrFCB14 262 x x   x 258 x X   x
  266    x   266    x  
EV104 137    x   147 x X x x
  147 x x x x 147 x X x x
EV94 195    x   195    x  
  211 x x x   213 x X x x
EV001 134   x x   153 x X   
  153 x x    157 x X   
EV37 203 x x x   203 x X x  
  207 x   x   207 x   x  
GT211 102 x x x   102 x x x  
  110 x x x   108 x x x  
GT509 193 x   x   193 x   x  
  205 x x x x 193 x   x  
GT575 146    x   154 x x x x
  158 x x x   158 x x x  
GATA028 223   x x   223   x x  
  223   x x   223   x x  
GATA417 213 x x x x 217 x x x x
  229    x   229    x  
GTO23 105 x x x x 103 x x x  
  117   x x   105 x x x x
  1. X = allele present in that species or sub-species genetic baseline sample. Hybrid mother and her fetus’ genotypes presented as microsatellite allele size as calibrated in the NMDR [10]. B.a.a = B.a. acutorostrata, B.a.s = B. a. scammoni, B.a = B. bonaerensis dwarfs = B. a. unnamed sub-species. Note that the dwarfs were only represented by 9 individuals and therefore the absence of a specific allele in this species cannot be automatically be regarded as definitive evidence of this allele not existing for this sub-species.