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Table 4 Positional candidate genes (PCG) within 1-Mb SNP window (SNPW) and their putative functions

From: Genome-wide association study of infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis in Angus cattle

Chromosome SNPW PCG Gene ontology
2 19.11 - 19.97 AGPS It encodes a protein that catalyzes the step of lipid biosynthesis
    and the removal of long chain acid anion
   NFE2L2 It encodes a transcription factor which is a member of a small
    family of basic Leucine (bZIP) proteins
2 22.09 - 22.77 WIPF1 It encodes a protein that plays an important role in the organization
    of the actin cytoskeleton
   OLA1 It hydrolyzes ATP and can hydrolyze GTP with lower efficiency
   SP3 regulates transcription by binding consensus GC and GT- box
    elements in target genes
12 53.01 - 53.99 SCEL It encodes a tissue-specific basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) protein
    with a pivotal role in hemopoises
   EDNRB it mediates actin by association with G-Protein that activates
    a phosphaidylinositol-calcium second messenger system
13 14.36 - 14.92 VAMP7 It encodes a transmembrane protein that is a member of soluble
    N-ethylmeleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein receptor
    (SNARE) family
21 19.00 - 19.98 NTRK3 It encodes a member of a neurotrophic tyrosine receptor kinase family
   MIR1179 It involved in post transcriptional regulation of gene expression
   MIR7-1 It involved in post transcriptional regulation of gene expression