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Table 1 Sample information of grape phylloxera from four vineyard-sites in Napa (Oakville) and Yolo (Woodland) counties, California

From: Reproductive mode and fine-scale population genetic structure of grape phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae) in a viticultural area in California

Population ID Sample locations Rootstock host1 Number of individuals
Col-1 Collins-Block-1, Oakville, Napa AXR#1 52
Col-2 Collins-Block-2, Oakville, Napa 5C 63
UCD-OKV University of California Davis (UCD) Oakville Station, Napa 5C, 101-14Mgt and 1103P 78
Woodland Woodland, Yolo 110R and 101-14Mgt 32
  1. 1, AXR#1 = V. vinifera x V. rupestris; 5C = V. berlandieri x V. riparia; 101-14Mgt = V. riparia x V. rupestris; 1103P = V. berlandieri x V. rupestris; 110R = V. berlandieri x V. rupestris.