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Table 4 Haplotype analysis and additive value of each haplotype relevant to femoral neck BMD Z-score

From: Conditional testing of multiple variants associated with bone mineral density in the FLNB gene region suggests that they represent a single association signal

BMD Z-score phenotype Haplotype (rs11720285, rs11130605, rs9809315)
  ACC allele CTT allele ATC allele ACT allele ATT allele CTC allele P
Femoral neck 0 (769) + 0.72 (260) + 0.184 (148) + 0.044 (83) - 0.442 (82) - 0.164 (76) 0.005
  1. Results are given as additive effect on the trait of each haplotype relative to the most common haplotype (number of alleles included in the analysis), derived from UNPHASED v3.1.5.