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Table 1 Comparison of the key steps of gDNA extraction protocols from the three different starting materials

From: Isolation of human genomic DNA for genetic analysis from premature neonates: a comparison between newborn dried blood spots, whole blood and umbilical cord tissue

DNA isolation step Starting material
3.2 mm DBS 100 μl WB 0.5 g UC
1. DNA binding column Silica-based Silica-based Silica-based
2. Use of carrier RNA* Yes Yes No
3. Duration of lysis step 1 h 1 h ~12 h
4. Elution volume 60 μl 100 μl 1 ml
5. Solution used for elution Nuclease free water Nuclease free water Nuclease free water
  1. *Carrier RNA was added into the lysis buffer at manufacturer’s recommended concentrations (DBS: 0.01 μg/μl and WB: 0.005 μg/μl). DBS–dried blood spots; WB–whole blood; UC–umbilical cord.