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Table 1 Koala samples and sequencing information

From: Historically low mitochondrial DNA diversity in koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus)

Koala sample origins Designation/ museum no. Collection year Amplified mtDNA Haplotype Sequencing method
Northern Australian Samples      
Bohusläns Museum Pci-um3435 1891 K3 GS FLX/ Sanger
Goteborg Museum Pci-collan18193 1870 - 1891   
Pci-maex1738 1870 - 1891 K5 GS FLX
Kansas University Museum Pci-159224 1980s K4 GS FLX
Museum of Comparative Zoology Pci-MCZ 12454* 1904 K4 GS FLX/ Sanger
Pci-MCZ 8574* 1904   GS FLX
Museum of Victoria Pci-c2831 1923 K4 GS FLX/ Sanger
Pci-c2832 1923   
Queensland Museum Pci-QM J6480 1938 K5 GS FLX/ Sanger
Pci-QM J2377 1915   
Pci-QM J7209 1945 K5 Sanger
Pci-QM J8353 1952   
Pci-QM JM1875 1960s K4 Sanger
Pci-QM JM64 1973 K4 Sanger
Pci-424 1970 - 1980s K5 Sanger
Pci-6121a 1970 - 1980s K5 Sanger
Pci-7463 1970 - 1980s K5 Sanger
Pci-7625 1970 - 1980s K5 Sanger
Royal Ontario Museum Pci-9111010180 1891   
Stockholm Museum Pci-582119 1911 K4 GS FLX
U of Michigan Museum of Zoology Pci-122553 1966   
Pci-124673 1977   
Southern Australian Samples      
New South Wales      
Australian Museum Pci-AM M17311 1883   
Pci-AM M17299 1883   
Pci-AM M17300 1883   
Pci-AM B4593 1884   
Pci-AM M1461 1899   
Pci-AM M12482 1971 K1 Sanger
Australian Museum Pci-AM M4841 1930   
  1. x Indicates successful amplification and sequencing of sample mtDNA.
  2. * Indicates that the two samples represent the same individual.
  3. a Amplification and sequencing of a single fragment.