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Table 2 Available sequence information from the 13 WC1s in previous study a

From: Gene number determination and genetic polymorphism of the gamma delta T cell co-receptor WC1 genes

Gene Name Annotated genomic sequences from Dominetteb RNA transcripts representing the expressed gene sequences obtained from other animals
WC1-1 + +
WC1-2 Db7-Dd’11c -
WC1-3 D1c +
WC1-4 + +
WC1-5 + +
WC1-6 D1-Dd’11c -
WC1-7 + -
WC1-8 Dc8-Dd’11c -
WC1-9 + +
WC1-10 + +
WC1-11 +d +
WC1-12 + -
WC1-13 + +
WC1-nd1 - +d, e
WC1-nd2 - D1 onlye
  1. a. Herzig et al., 2009, BMC Genomics, [3].
  2. b. Dominette was the reference animal whose DNA was used by The Bovine Genome Sequencing and Analysis Consortium, [26]; D = domain, and they are described by their pattern type (a-d’) as well as presumed position within the molecule (Domain 1 to 11). + = all 11 domains present in assembled genome or corresponding cDNA obtained.
  3. c. Only partial sequences were obtained due to gaps in the genome sequences.
  4. d. A transcript corresponding to SRCR Domain 1 through the intracytoplasmic region were obtained but it coded for only six extracellular domains, thus it was smaller than the majority of other WC1 molecules [3, 14].
  5. e. While transcripts for the SRCR Domain 1 of the proposed genes were found, they were named WC1-nd1 and WC1-nd2 because their placement was “not determined” in the genome of Dominette.