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Table 4 GenBank accessions of novel nucleotide sequences

From: Pseudogenization of the MCP-2/CCL8 chemokine gene in European rabbit (genus Oryctolagus), but not in species of Cottontail rabbit (Sylvilagus) and Hare (Lepus)

Description GenBank Name GB Accession
Legr_CCL8_cDNA CCL8_Legr2 JX000247
Leeu_CCL8_cDNA CCL8_Leeu1 JX000248
Legr_CCL8_cDNA CCL8_Legr6 JX000249
Leeu_CCL7_cDNA CCL7_Leeu2 JX000250
Legr_CCL7_cDNA CCL7_Legr6 JX000251
Occ_CCL7_cDNA CCL7_Occ32 JX000252
Occ_CCL8_gDNA CCL8gDNA_Occ_Tar109_1 JX000253
Occ_CCL8_gDNA CCL8gDNA_Occ_Tar109_2 JX000254
Occ_CCL8_gDNA CCL8gDNA_Occ_Alt104_1 JX000255
Occ_CCL8_gDNA CCL8gDNA_Occ_Alt104_2 JX000256
Occ_CCL8_gDNA CCL8gDNA_Occ_Tar102_1 JX000257
Occ_CCL8_gDNA CCL8gDNA_Occ_Tar102_2 JX000258
Occ_CCL8_gDNA CCL8gDNA_Occ_Zrg18_1 JX000259
Oca_CCL8_gDNA CCL8gDNA_Occ_Zrg18_2 JX000260
Oca_CCL8_gDNA CCL8gDNA_Oca_Pan3_1 JX000261
Oca_CCL8_gDNA CCL8gDNA_Oca_Pan3_2 JX000262
Oca_CCL8_gDNA CCL8gDNA_Oca_Ped1 JX000263
Oca_CCL8_gDNA CCL8gDNA_Oca_Ped9_1 JX000264
Oca_CCL8_gDNA CCL8gDNA_Oca_Ped9_2 JX000265
Oca_CCL8_gDNA CCL8gDNA_Oca_Mert35_1 JX000266
Oca_CCL8_gDNA CCL8gDNA_Oca_Mert35_2 JX000267
Oca_CCL8_gDNA CCL8gDNA_Oca_Hue54 JX000268
Bumo_CCL8_gDNA Bumo_CCL8 JX000276
Legr_CCL8_gDNA Legr_CCL8 JX000277
Syfl_CCL8_gDNA Syfl_CCL8_1 JX000279
Syfl_CCL8_gDNA Syfl_CCL8_2 JX000280
Oca_CCL13_exon1_gDNA Oca_Pan3x_CCL13ex1 JX020976
Oca_CCL13_exon1_gDNA Oca_Pan3y_CCL13ex1 JX020977
Oca_CCL13_exon1_gDNA Oca_Ped1_CCL13ex1 JX020978
Oca_CCL13_exon1_gDNA Oca_Ped9_CCL13ex1 JX020979
Leti_CCL13_exon1_gDNA Leti_2061_CCL13ex1 JX020980
Syfl_CCL13_exon1_gDNA Syfl_161_CCL13ex1 JX020981
Syfl_CCL13_exon1_gDNA Syfl_162_CCL13ex1 JX020982
Syfl_CCL13_exon1_gDNA Syfl_171x_CCL13ex1 JX020983
Syfl_CCL13_exon1_gDNA Syfl_171y_CCL13ex1 JX020984
Syfl_CCL13_exon1_gDNA Syfl_176_CCL13ex1 JX020985
  1. Sequences were obtained by PCR using either genomic DNA (gDNA) or reverse transcribed mRNA (cDNA). Species names are indicated by abbreviations (Legr: Lepus granatensis; Leeu: Lepus europaeus; Leti: Lepus timidus; Bumo: Bunolagus monticularis; Syfl: Sylvilagus floridanus; Oc: Orytolagus cuniculus). The two subspecies of Oryctolagus cuniculus are distinguished (Occ: O. cuniculus cuniculus; Oca: O. cuniculus algirus). Extensions (x and y) refer to reproducible sequence ambiguities in PCR products obtained from a same individual that can be explained by allelic variation. Legr_CCL8 is a consensus sequence of Legr2016 and Legr2061; Syfl_CCL8_1 and _2 are two putative alleles inferred from sequences obtained with Syfl-161, -162, -171, -172, -176.