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Table 4 Running time and memory use while performing coalescent simulations

From: EggLib: processing, analysis and simulation tools for population genetics and genomics

Model Egglib ms CoaSim
  Time (s) Memory (MB) Time (s) Memory (MB) Time (s) Memory (MB)
standard 7.68 48 1.27 43 16.67 80
recombination 8.77 53 1.99 44 16.45 79
structured 7.65 48 1.50 42 20.75 79
  1. Note: All three models (standard, recombination and structured) have 40 sequences with a fixed number of mutations of 100. 10,000 repetitions were run for each model. For the model with recombination, the scaled recombination parameter was set to 5 for all programs and the number of recombining segments was set to 1000 for eggcoal and ms (CoaSim does not require this parameter). For the structured model, 4 populations of 10 samples with a migration rate of 1 were simulated. The populations joined 10 coalescent time units in the past.